Be with your customers when they need you the most

  • Nov 3, 2017

Being with your customers when they need you most is truly the best way to grow your business. But it can't be something that is forced. Customers can tell when you are not sincere. Showing up to "help" them at an event might earn you brownie points, but it can also backfire on you and cause you to look opportunistic.

That is what makes promotional items so nice; they are gifts that are given to a customer to have and to use when they are ready. If the gift is timely enough, it can be a perfect way for your name to be seen at the exact time they needed you.

Consider this winter season. How could your customer use your help? Don't just think of their business, but as them, the individual. What do they need during the day? Knit cap, gloves, insulated tumbler for their morning hot drink? Or how about an ice scraper, something that most of us have in our cars all the time, except for the day that we actually need it!

Think of promotional products as gifts; ways to be with your customers every day. The average business can't afford to give out everything to everyone, so take some time to think about who your best clients and prospects are, what seasonal items do they need right now, and how can you provide it for them, while marketing your brand at the same time.

Looking for some ideas? Click here:

Have a safe and wonderful fall and winter!



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